Artificial Intelligence (AI) in FMCG
AI in FMCG Industry
What is FMCG?

Fast Moving Consumer Goods are the daily used products with relatively High Sales with low price. FMCG includes food items, grocery things, toiletries, household items, etc. These goods are fast moving because they have a short shelf life, either because they have expiry dates or because we consume them up really quick. Each country has its own huge Customer base for all Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Global FMCG Retailers
  • Unilever
  • Nestle
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Tyson Foods
  • Kellogg Company
  • Diageo
  • PepsiCo
Importance of AI Data Science
Objectives of FMCG
Importance of AI Data Science

Inorder to improve the sales and boost revenue, following objectives are carried out

  • Ensure the right stores to stock the products
  • Track the goods are consumed by the customers regularly
  • Identifying what to sell based on Customer’s need at their preferred point of purchase
  • Driving maximum revenue and profitability through all channels across the customer decision journey
  • Delivering personalized promotions and optimizing marketing spend
  • Exploring and adopting new ways to sell based on how customers are buying
What do we offer in FMCG ?
Why AI in FMCG

The recent years have seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking great strides in conquering the world. The Technology has not made the customers lazy but have made them to be more comfort. Businesses have no choice but to satisfy their Customer’s expectations at any cost to survive in the high competitive market.

FMCG products are inevitable to purchase for consumers, and therefore the frequency of purchase of these items is also high, but who likes to go through monotonous grocery shopping routines and stand in long queues at supermarkets every other day? This is where players in the retail industry can employ technology such as AI that would ensure convenience and make shopping an exciting experience for the customers. Also, the growth and wide-spread use of hand-held technology such as smart-phones and tablets have made it much easier for retail companies to implement these technologies into their business plan and make it more accessible for their target customers.

Features and Advantages of AI in FMCG

With advanced AI technologies customers as well as retailers are equally going to reap the benefits. Advance AI technologies, especially voice-activated assistants and self-checkout counters in the retail sector would mean increased ease of shopping for customers, which would eventually result in more sales and a simplified shopping experience for customers. This would ultimately result in better customer experience and higher profits.

  • Inventory stock alerts for the retailers
  • Regular statistical report for the products sold
  • Intelligent Forecasting system
  • AI can develop a much more accurate picture of exactly what types of products are likely to sell, by looking at multiple scenarios in real time (suppliers’ data, consumer behaviour, the weather etc.)
  • Helps Users to order the products based on the regular history of orders placed
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