Digital Transformation of Supply Chain with AI

Digital Transformation of Supply Chain with AI


In the dynamic era where technologies are leading the way of every industry across the verticals, Artificial Intelligence an Machine learning is the most disruptive technologies out there. Getting down to supply chain management, AI and ML have an exceptional scope of applications. As we all know that Supply chain management in any business sector is a network of activities related to the design, production, delivery, and service of a product.


With the progress in the volume of data in supply chain and logistics, industries are aiming attention on adopting AI solutions which not only helps in analyzing the data but also provides detailed analysis results and delivery information.



Here is how AI can help in a supply chain market


Fully Automated Supply Chain - The supply chain management without human intervention or supervision is something that can be implemented with extensive AI usage. Not only this, starting from Demand to Work Order, Production and Delivery, the complete supply chain can get automated with AI.


Self Sufficient Warehouses - In the traditional method, human-driven forklifts are used to transport material from one place to another. Industrial robots with Machine learning would be able to easily trace, grasp objects and move them around efficiently. With disruptive improvements in AI robotic, one can expect a fully automated warehouse in the future.


Smart transportation planning -Transportation planning is a key part of supply chain management. In the past, every business will plan the delivery routes with only limited and restricted access to the information. But now the AI enabled systems will allow gathering of data to track and predict supply chain disruptions.


Better Risk Management - Natural disasters can cause huge disruption to logistics. Not only this, but they may also lead to flight Disruption as well. For determining the threat we can reroute our freight or postpone the delivery. AI solutions can help in raising red flags to produce warnings and help all stakeholders to manage disruptions better.


Enhancing Artificial Intelligence will be beneficiary in the following aspects,


Cost effective and Responsive


Enhancing AI technology will benefit the areas of network planning and future prediction. The proactive collection and analyzation of data paves the way for significant cost reduction and improved responsive.


Enhancement of Supply chain Productivity and planning


The Supplier performance and transporters relationship control can be improved with AI and also provides accurate measures of load ability, delay, instant availability that helps the organizations to focus on the major factors for the growth of an enterprise.


Factory Scheduling


Using AI capabilities, the shipment companies/ organizations are getting into predicting the future market. These Organizations can estimate several possible outcomes thus make clear decisions.


Automate processes with AI


Use of AI to automate planning processes can make them more scalable and flexible with a high degree of accuracy, in both real or near-real time. Although organizations can use AI and Machine learning technologies to drive more responsive, predictive planning, it is important to note that human interaction with these systems will remain critical to a more intuitive, agile planning process.


Enhances Customer Experience and supplier management


AI is exploring the paths of the company to maintain relationships between the customers and the logistics provider by offering personalization. With the rapid development of AI technology, AI-based voice response system would be knowledgeable that answer typical customer queries, both for customers and suppliers.


AI – The Future of Supply Chain


Effect of AI to supply chain


Hence there are many reasons to believe that now is the best time for the logistics industry to embrace Artificial Intelligence. Currently, AI is going beyond consumer utility and to consumer-focused ventures.


AI will enable logistics companies to exploit it to get benefited in almost all aspects of the supply chain. Many logistics companies around the world grasp digital transformation, changing away from the enterprise resource planning system to advanced analytics, thereby increasing automation and software and hardware robotics.


Major companies have already begun to harness the power of AI to streamline the supply chain and to establish real-time decision making over the cost, availability, inventories, etc,


We as an acclaimed AI Solution Provider offers AI and ML-based services for digital supply chain networks which can help the supply chain managers be more flexible, progressive, dynamic, and efficient. This allows organizations to analyze the trends and processes throughout the chain.


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