Artificial Intelligence- The Amazing Technology that Revolutionize the World

Artificial Intelligence- The Amazing Technology that Revolutionize the World

In this fast moving world, every human’s desire is to move agile towards the speedy world. On the other hand, the day to day development of innovative technologies tempts the humans to move forward into the artificial world. To point out, Artificial Intelligence - a progressive technique that defeats many other technologies and repress the world with its astounding perks and impacts.


Artificial Intelligence


The artificial intelligence, a computer science area that give priority to create intelligent machines which can work and interact like humans. To mention, it is the simulation of human intelligence progress that involves learning, reasoning, as well as self correction. For this reason, the artificial intelligence is considered as a more crucial technology among other emerging technologies.


Why is the Artificial intelligence?


Artificial intelligence has its contrasting traits and parameters that make it as the most preferable thing. Here are few reasons why artificial intelligence is more preferred:




Usually, the technologies of Artificial Intelligence undergoes with Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), as well as Natural Language Processing (NLP).


1.Machine Learning - The core part of the AI which provides an ability for the system to learn and improve automatically without any explicit programs.


2.Deep Learning - A sub field of machine learning that depends on learning data representation. The learning may be supervised or unsupervised.


3.Artificial Neural Networks - A framework for the machine learning algorithm that progress the complex input data.


4.Natural Language Processing - A computational technique for synthesizing and analyzing the speech as well as the natural language.




The artificial intelligence has the capabilities to:

1. Identify big data patterns

2.Provide solutions to the complex problems

3.Reveal the hidden data




The artificial intelligence is an automate progress that do not requires any external supports to activate. Henceforth, it reduces the manpower and this is the reason why the AI is more preferable.




The AI is applicable in several industries such as security, retail, finance and also manufacturing. To point out, all these applications are the real time examples of the artificial intelligence.


Strong and Weak AI


Strong AI: The artificial intelligence which is adaptable to all kind of cognitive functions and it is not much contrasts to the human mind.


Weak AI: This usually focuses on the confined tasks and it will be much intelligent in it. This is entirely differs with the human mind.


Categories of AI


 The artificial intelligence is categorized into:


1.Reactive Machines AI


In this type of AI, it is unable to practice previous configuring memories to the current decision. It is just quite reactive.


2.Limited Memory AI


This type of AI is applicable in driver less cars that detects the vehicles movement  around them perpetually.


3.Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)


This type of AI is identical to human brain and it is considered as strong AI. Most of the robotics AI techniques comes under this AGI. For instance, Pillo robot.


4.Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)


This kind of AI can found in several facets of our daily life. For instance, smartphones. This is referred as a weak AI because it is not much identical with the human mind.


Robotics in Artificial Intelligence


The innovative technique of artificial intelligence include robotics. In recent days, this technology releases many robotics machine that works and interacts like humans. For example, humanoid robots like Milo, double, pepper, moley, Jibo, Aibo, and so on.

This artificial intelligence robotics includes machine learning, deep learning, artificial neural networks, and natural language processing. Through all these facets and traits of the artificial intelligence, these humanoid machine robots have human like appearance, interacts, and works with the humans like another human.


AI in Future


Even though, the artificial intelligence has its impacts in current days, the technology is not yet perfect. For example, self driving cars. The perfect self-driving cars should not requires human workforce in any forms. Hope, it will be happened in future and it will be considered as the perfect AI technology.


In future, the AI can undergo with dangerous jobs, solving climate change without the human interactions. As a result, the artificial intelligence is consider as a vital technology because of its innovative techniques and its progressive traits and impacts.





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