Are Robotics And Artificial Intelligence Same ?

Are Robotics And Artificial Intelligence Same ?

In the modern world of advancement in technology, human work is simplified using smart machines and robots. People often confuse between the terms Robots and Artificial Intelligence, as they both serve to make human work easier. Some think that robotics and artificial intelligence are same, while others assume that one is the subset of the other one. Many people are puzzled whether AI and robotics are same ? If not same then what is the difference between these two terms? Is AI a part of robotics? Or Is robotics a part of artificial intelligence?


Robotics and artificial intelligence


AI and Robotics are actually two completely different and interesting concepts, which reduces a human work. But when Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are combined, there comes “Artificially Intelligent Robots”, that is why most of the people confuse about the two terms.


To get a clear view on these three terms, lets have a look on these terms separately.


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the foundation of many latest technology. It is a smart innovation where machines are designed to learn, analyze, work and react just like a human. It is developed using Machine learning and deep learning algorithms, to do anything that a human can do and everything which a human cannot do. Though people are not aware of the concept of AI, its application is spread everywhere around us.


A human task that is performed by a machine or program is called the Artificial Intelligence (AI). Right from kids play toy till large enterprises, AI is spares around us. It includes machine learning and deep learning algorithms, to learn analyze and make right decision without human interference. It deals with complex algorithms like virtual assistance, natural language processing, chatbot and so on, to make a machines and robots more intelligent.


In business world, AI reshapes the business world completely with positive impact. AI can help businesses with the following benefits:


1. Enhance customer relation

2. Automate your business process

3. High ROI with low investment

4. Defect fraud

5. Provide predictive analysis

6. Reduce human workforce

7. Increase in sales


Artificial intelligence has not only created a massive effect on our life and business, but also become an essential part of the technology industry.


What is Robotics?


Robotics is nothing but a branch of engineering that combines the process of construction or building, process or operation and application of robots. These robots includes the programmable devices that are utilized by carrying out a bunch of instructions.

In this robotics, some of the autonomous robots work in automation when compared with others. It seems easy and simple to find out something and spot it exactly as a robot but it is amazingly arduous to define one. So, the robotics plays a vital role in changing the world at wide range of industries with applications.


What are artificially Intelligent Robots?

Artificial Intelligent robots are nothing but as the name suggests, it is the one which combines and includes capabilities of both AI and a robot.

A few years back, most robots are not artificially intelligent. That is before, the robots are programmed only to perform the repetitive tasks. It means that repetitive movements not include under AI because it is limited to particular set of instructions.


Further, this trend have changed with the integration of AI robots. By using AI algorithms, robots perform some complex tasks that happens not only as programmed but it takes decision by its own based on the desired circumstances.  

There, the artificially intelligent robots came into the existence as it creates a bridge between robotics and AI. As mentioned above, these robots get controlled by AI programs. So, to define it in simple way, robotics involves building up or creating a robots in which AI includes programming intelligence.


To conclude, AI and Robotics are not same, but robotics is the technology that belongs to an innovative invention of artificial intelligence which can perform the activities as per the human commands whereas AI does not require human commands to perform the certain activity.


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