How AI can empower the Education system?

How AI can empower the Education system?

The current generation is deeply affected by technology and Artificial Intelligence has a huge role in almost all sorts of different industries and is going to impact the education sector as well. These AI-based technologies are going to push towards a positive evolution that could power the next generation of education technology.


Well, let’s dive on in and take a closer look at how artificial intelligence is being used in education.


How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Education


Currently, there are lots and lots of predictions of how AI will be integrated into education. These predictions make people think that AI will only take over the administrative tasks of teachers, or else the AI will replace teachers within the classroom entirely. While such concepts are a little hard to imagine for the majority of teachers, AI is already being used in some classrooms today. The applications in language processing, reasoning, and planning increase the demand for AI in the education sector.


Therefore the potential benefits of artificial intelligence in education are unexplainable and so there are many ways to approach the topic. Example, AI can power natural language processing (NLP)algorithms to automatically calculate the student’s grade work without human input. On the other hand, it can power complicated simulations and virtual reality software that make students get easy understanding. Because VR and simulations are important to power more personalized learning of complex subjects without any difficulties.


Some of the areas where AI technology is being developed and used for education:


Natural Language—Understanding human language is a complex challenge in AI. However, this NLP technique is emerged in solving such complex language and enables assessment, feedback, and plagiarism detection.


Voice—Text-to-voice combinations are used to support learning activities, particularly for literacy and language learning.


Hardware—Several Smart devices, robotics, laboratory technology, and software systems are all powered with AI technology.


Vision—Recognizing emotions can be used to detect confusion and engagement, with identity management applications for testing.


Algorithms—The machine learning algorithm is being applied to create personalized, flexible learning paths for students.



Areas - where AI is creating value in education


Administration/business processes: AI streamlines the administrative processes/ tasks without any burden and grabs the massive amounts of data collected by schools. AI helps in identifying and predicting risks, automate services


Learning processes: This area includes intelligent classrooms, flexible and personalized content for students, robotics, and language learning with virtual tutorials.


Language learning: AI’s biggest impact will be in delivering a more personalized learning experience based on the individual learning speeds and capabilities and delivers them with adaptive content based on learning patterns and provide feedback using speech-recognition technology. This tech enables online learning platforms to act as guides and advisors and helps job seekers to accelerate their career growth.


Assessment and feedback: AI automates and personalizes the assessments thereby giving feedback on written work, and helps the students in planning assessment tasks.


Learner/talent acquisitions: Many institutions and Organizations are using Artificial Intelligence to find and retain students and employees. Universities are using this technology in admissions to match applicants with requirements, using chatbots to clarify students doubts, and organizations are using the technology to find talent for hiring a better professional employee.


Corporate training: AI revolutionizes the corporate training with personalized, adaptive supports and real-time monitoring and analyses of the daily workflow of the employees to track the gap between training and performance.


Ability to Monitor students: Perhaps one of the most important parts of AI in education will be its ability to monitor the students in the classroom. Instead of waiting for the results of exams to see the performance of how students are doing, AI enables the teachers to see how students are learning their lessons. Teachers can able to monitor their progress easier and regular.



Saves Time for teachers/ professors:


AI-powered software tools for grammar and pronunciation can help learners to improve English Language skills. Normally, a teacher spends hours for manually correcting similar grammatical errors for the students.  And often, they will only point out the error without giving a proper explanation of it. With an AI-powered software, the mistakes can be pointed out with a proper explanation over it.


And also, we can consider using AI-based devices in classrooms to assist teachers. AI-powered devices can be designed to save the teacher’s time by doing some of the routine tasks, like taking attendance, presenting study material on display screens as per the scheduled instructions, etc.


Thus AI-powered applications/ software can assist the teaching-learning processes at a much lower cost and faster pace as compared to human intermediates.


As AI educational solutions continue to grown-up every day, it is believed that AI can help in filling the need gaps in learning and teaching, thus allows the education to step ahead than ever before.




Now You can get a clear idea on what to expect from the advances in AI in the field of education, it’s up to you to make it become a reality. Even though we’re already seeing the applications of AI in the classroom, we’re still a long away from where we could be.


That’s why it’s so important for us to recognize AI’s potential and to go out of our way to develop it. We are one of the leading AI Development Company, provides you an intelligent system with precise logical solutions for the education sector. With our experts AI programming, we can help you with world-class AI solutions that can bring you better business automation and innovative operational strategy.



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