Making Automative industry smarter with AI

Making Automative industry smarter with AI

Being the most advanced and competitive industries in the world, the automotive industry is a hot-button issue right now. A recent survey found that Artificial Intelligence has been delivering benefits across every automotive business consistently. Growing Demand for better user experience & convenience features in autonomous vehicles drives the growth of the global automotive AI market.


Our AI Development company - AI-Techservices is tapping into AI in the automotive space which provides services that allow automotive dealers to better understand their clients though AI insights and analytics. We offer software that provides breakthrough edge data processing to meet the increasing data demands of the automotive industry.


The initial goal behind the implementation of AI is to reduce costs, optimize products, accelerate development cycles, and improve the efficiency of the product. As the automotive industry has seen a significant transformation with artificial intelligence. With this in mind, let’s examine how AI drives Automotive Industry.



Automotive Market - To meet a tremendous growth with AI


Artificial intelligence in the automotive market is growing rapidly due to the rising demand for autonomous vehicles. Normally self-driving cars might the first thing that came to your mind when you think of AI in the automotive industry.

This kind of autonomous vehicles set up with AI enhances the user experience and reduces human intervention.


The fueling of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry helps in risk assessment in real-time as well as speeds up the process of filing claims when accidents occur. Moreover, AI in automotive is one of the applications of AI in automobiles that intensifies the driving experience with advanced driving standards such as Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) technology, blind spot alert, self-parking, and navigation by recognizing objects around vehicles in real-time.


Artificial Intelligence in car powers AI revolution in Automotive Industry


When it comes AI for automotive, we think about driverless cars and other autonomous vehicles. But it also has the possibilities to transform automotive supply chains completely. Machine learning makes productivity smarter and efficient in cost savings.


AI is also creating a huger impact on marketing and communication, by allowing the car retailers to understand their customer's behavior/expectations than before, offering them a competitive advantage.


Impacts of AI in the Automotive industry (smart cars)


In case of AI implemented smart cars, the fuel consumption depends on the road conditions, slope and acceleration or else the cars can be a battery-powered i.e battery-driven motors that give the vehicle a smooth drive.


1. The automatic braking system, accident avoidance systems, pedestrian alerts, GPS monitoring, and intelligent cruise controls are several other features powered by AI systems.


2. With the help of deep-leaning AI technology, Cloud-based intelligence is another area that will help insurance companies to keep track of driver alertness, unsafe driving habits.


3. The intelligent AI systems in smart cars will periodically report problems to the service personnel and fix them accordingly.


4. Driving Artificial intelligence in the automobile sector transforms the industry in manufacturing. Quality control, testing can also be calibrated with AI algorithms. Thus reduces the manufacturing defects and increases efficiency.


5. The automotive supply chain implemented with AI can be clearly evident through the relationship with a car manufacturer.


6. The current demand of the customers can be monitored by the retailers and having better conversations with manufacturers to manage stock distribution which has high demand. As a whole AI-driven can help automotive retailers to understand their business completely.


Use cases


1. The entire driving experience of the car can be covered within use cases. Here are some of the ways in which automobile manufacturers are using AI to deliver a safe and efficient driving experience.


2. Driver assist - The advanced driver assists AI-based features can help vehicles with advanced safety features. AI systems alert drivers to hazardous road conditions, Automatic braking, accident avoidance, monitor the blind spots, pedestrian alerts, assist with steering, cross-traffic alerts and several automated actions to avoid accidents.


3. Autonomous vehicles -The autonomous vehicles are the new holy grail in the automotive industry. The AI-driven systems enable self-driving cars and trucks. These systems have undergone a wide range of AI-enabled technologies, such as deep learning, NLP and gesture-control features, to provide the artificial brains for vehicles that can safely drive themselves, with or without a human need.


4. Enhanced connectivity - AI-based system will allow drivers to send, receive emails, provide the drivers with location, perform internet searches using voice command. Likewise, these systems can send driving and accident data to insurance companies, which might be easy to offer incentives for safe driving habits. Another important contribution of AI is the vehicle to vehicle communication.


6. Manufacturing - Manufacturers can make use of  AI-driven systems to create schedules and manage workflows, controls the robots to work safely and to identify defects in components going into cars and trucks. This helps in cost reduction and downtime in production and ensures delivering better products to the customers.


7. Quality control - There were several unique advantages of using Artificial Intelligence to examine the automotive component and products. One such advantage is that AI systems can better at identifying defects. Using such advantages products can visually inspect and provide superior Quality control such as machined parts, painted car bodies, textured metal surfaces and more.



Future-gazing of AI in Automotive


Looking advanced, the place for AI in automotive will continue to boom all over the place. Even though the technology has to widen its benefits over the various sector, automotive retailers couldn’t miss out the opportunity that becoming AI-driven presents. Since AI plays an essential role in recognizing and monitoring customer habits and to approach them in a gentle way, the number of companies have already implemented Artificial Intelligence and running out successfully.


In this competitive world, the earlier businesses get on the AI journey, the quicker they will see return and stay ahead of the curve in the future.


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