How AI can power the Fashion and Retail industry?

How AI can power the Fashion and Retail industry?


In this era of technological advancements, the world is enduring too fast towards digital transformation. Artificial Intelligence is already revolutionizing many industries, changes the way we do business. Hence the fashion and retail are also one of the industries out there that undergoes a significant transformation, changing the retail sector.


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Now Let us see How Artificial Intelligence plays a part in the fashion and retail industry


Artificial Intelligence technology has come into the hands of fashion and retail, involved in shaping the manner of purchasing clothes.


AI- From Textile Manufacturing to Delivery


AI technology is blooming rapidly in textile manufacturing and being adapted for a variety of purposes. In fashion, AI is being used to improve efficiency and to enhance the capabilities of human textile employees. This integration of AI can allow the system to identify the flaws in the fabric material and to provide quality assurance.


The textile manufacturers usually rely on human efforts to check out the fabric with naked eyes. Due to the careless of humans, the defect detection of the fabric may usually incompatible and inaccurate. The manufacturers may also use some other ways for finding the fabric defects, but those systems were not able to meet the industry requirements. Guaranteed quality in fabric production and automated fabric defect detection has become a great challenge to the industries in the past.


Innovative introduction of AI provides a significant milestone in quality control automation. After the integration of AI, 90% of the wastage in the fabric manufacturing process can be reduced when compared with traditional human defect detection. This means that AI technology helps in cutting down the production cost, at the same time also enhances production efficiency.


Once the clothes are designed, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies are applied to make the entire manufacturing process by speed up the process of delivery(optimizing the routes, reducing the time and cost of shipping)


AI enhances the clothing buying experience


Increasingly, customers are getting attracted to hyper-personalized websites, email, social media posts, video and other content that creates a hype on what they want right now.


AI enabled applications - Knowing the minds of customers who demand easy and convenient shopping, many AI enabled shopping apps are launched by the retailers that allow the customers to do easy shopping.


Such apps use machine learning algorithms based on the trends, customer’s personal preferences to help their stylists provide the best clothing and accessory options for each customer.


AI has made the purchase of products more personalized with AI chatbots which enable 24/7 engagement with customers to help with a wide range of responsibilities.


Different ways AI being applied to Retail fashion


1. With AI and machine learning, clothing designs can figure out and can make predictions on what customers want to purchase and wear.


2. With its value of providing incredible depth of analysis, AI can make easy understanding of both customer and market.


3. AI improves customer relationship Management, product recommendations, and pricing, etc


4. AI creates a digital innovation in fashion retailers creativity.


Future of AI and fashion


We are all living in a world where technology is aiding the fashion industry in a huge way. Artificial Intelligence opens out a hugely innovative idea that encourages creativity. Its computing power enhances speed which will be beneficial for the fashion supply chain.


The advancement in machine learning algorithms has the ability to read and store large size of data, helps the retailers and fashion houses to recognize the consumer’s expectations and requirements. If retailers/fashion houses keep this into consideration and takes out the move, the future of AI in fashion and retail could definitely be bright.




Thus AI technology is the transforming aspect of the entire process. While endorsement of AI in fashion has still a long way to go, most of the brands are already investing in AI, facing a huge benefit over it. If you are a business enthusiast who got interested in implementing innovative technology then implementing Artificial Intelligence will be an extraordinary way to see the greater potential impact.


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